Our Speakers


Prof. Dr. Jens Wellmann

Chief Science Office Siemens Mobility

Professor Dr. Jens Wellmann is Member of the Managing Board and Chief Science Officer at Siemens Mobility GmbH. His focus is on innovative projects which drive sustainable development in IoT, and the “Web of Systems”. Professor Wellmann has over 25 years of experience building R&D teams around the world.


Alix Rübsaam

Keynote speaker

Alix Rübsaam is researcher on Posthumanism and philosophy of technology. She is a PhD candidate at the University of Amsterdam and currently working at the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis.
Her presentations cover a broad range of topics amongst which disruption, HR and Artificial Intelligence, whereby the emphasis is always on the intersection of computers and humans.


Hans Bossenbroek

Human at Luminis

Hans Bossenbroek is one of the founders and Chief Executive of Luminis. After a long career working for consultancy organisations and doing freelance jobs, Hans concluded that the potential of IT, the inherent complexity of software engineering and the power of innovation can only be unlocked by harnessing the power of the collective. It may seem strange, but this coincides with his love for jazz music, diving and mountaineering. They all build upon the aptitude, discipline and persistence of the individual in a team.

This complex reality is aptly described by Neil Young: “It’s better to burn out than to fade away”.


Ronald Spierenburg

Software Engineer at Luminis Arnhem

Ronald Spierenburg is a software engineer with a screwdriver. From a young age he started taking things apart and collected all the hardware in it.
He is now a senior software engineer with luminis, mostly working on backend code and system integration.
Nowadays a lot of time is spent automating his home and using soft- and hardware to make it smarter.


Maarten Wilschut

Front-end engineer at Luminis Amsterdam

Maarten is a Front-end engineer at Luminis Amsterdam, who enjoys different types of projects. An example is the DevCon app which he helped build in collaboration with Luminis colleagues. He’s constantly on the lookout for new technologies to help him and his products improve. Where he worked in the past with frameworks like Backbone and AngularJS, its all about ReactJS now.

At the end of June he became part of the 360 team at Binck which aims to create a high frequency trading application using React. After his entry in the team a lot has changed, which he will tell you all about in his presentation.


Maarten Roosendaal

Software Architect at Bol.com

Maarten Roosendaal is an IT Architect at bol.com and his main focus is on scalable search and SEO solutions. He has a background in Java/J2EE and previously worked for Sogyo and Capgemini. When not spending time with family or working, you can find him either in the gym, watching NBA/NCAA basketball, or at a movie theater.


Byron Voorbach

Search & Data Engineer at Luminis Amsterdam

Byron Voorbach is a Search & Data engineer at Luminis Amsterdam. He has broad experience in security, backend development and Spring technologies. For the last 5 years, Byron has mostly been working with the Elastic Stack, taking a great interest in building and optimizing search engines. He loves to go to music festivals and travel in his spare time.


Marijn van Zelst

Software Engineer at Luminis Amsterdam

Marijn is an innovative Software Engineer who is always looking to apply novel techniques into practical and creative solutions. He tries to spot business opportunities that can be made possible by applying new and innovative techniques. Successful in applying machine learning, natural language processing and linear optimization algorithms in companies. Result driven, Marijn focuses on making proof of concepts of ideas instead of just focusing on theoretical solutions. Has a broad background in Software Development and Distributed Systems.


Marc Teutelink

Software Architect at Luminis Apeldoorn

Marc is an experience architect at Luminis Apeldoorn with almost 25 years of experience. Marc’s focus is mainly open source backend and (mobile) frontend technology. Besides his broad focus he is also specialised in Enterprise Search, Profiling and Recommendation, EAI and Semantic Web.


Bert Ertman

Fellow at Luminis Rotterdam

Bert Ertman is a Fellow at Luminis. In addition to his day job he has served as the leader for NLJUG (4,000 members) for the past decade. A frequent speaker on Java and software architecture all over the world, he is also the author of Building Modular Cloud Applications with OSGi and a serial conference organizer. In 2008, Bert was honored with the coveted title of Java Champion by an international panel of Java leaders and luminaries. Bert Ertman is a JavaOne RockStar speaker and a Duke’s Choice award winner.


Angelo van der Sijpt

Fellow at Luminis Arnhem

Angelo is a Fellow at Luminis, with a specialty in Connected Devices and Security. He has experience in technology as an engineer and architect, ranging from Java to Ruby to iOS with some agile coaching thrown in for good measure. Nowadays, his main question is “are we providing what our customer needs,” both in starting and ongoing projects. Angelo is active in consulting, architecting, engineering, coaching and training in all parts of the software engineering process, and is inordinately proud of his Wireshark skills.


Chris van Beek

Software Architect at Luminis Arnhem

Chris van Beek is een software-architect bij Luminis Arnhem. Na 8 jaar bezig te zijn geweest als ontwikkelaar en trainer op het gebied van Microsoft technologie houdt Chris zich nu vooral bezig met architectuur en software ontwikkeling op het Microsoft platform. Daarbij vindt hij het leuk om de nieuwste technologieën te onderzoeken en de opgedane kennis uit te dragen. Chris heeft veel ervaring met de Microsoft stack en front-end development met behulp van Angular/ Angular 2, Typescript /Javascript, HTML.


Hans Gringhuis

Fellow at Luminis Apeldoorn

Fellow at Luminis, working from Apeldoorn, Netherlands. Over 20 years in the software industry mainly as a software architect. Hans’ experience covers almost every facet of software delivery having worked across many different domains including E-Commerce, Publishing, Defence and Industry. Passionate about software and turning technology into a competitive advantage.


Sertaç Oruç

Data Scientist and Game Analyst at Luminis Amsterdam

Sertac is a Data Scientist and Game Analyst who worked at SYBO Games in Copenhagen, the developers and IP-owners of the most downloaded mobile game of 2014 and 2015, Subway Surfers. He originally comes from Systems and Control background and holds a PhD on applied Game Theory from Technology, Policy and Management faculty of TU Delft. Sertac is also the most recent addition to Luminis Amsterdam roster.


Xander Uiterlinden

Software Architect Luminis Technologies

Xander is a software developer at Luminis technologies. He has a broad experience in architecture, design and engineering of modular applications. He is a committer at the Apache Felix project contributing to the Apache Felix Dependency manager component and is also involved in several other smaller open source projects.


Lokhan Wong

Software Architect at Binck

Started at BinckBank as a software developer for their Professional Services business unit, where I was responsible for their SNS & Allianz white label solution. Moved on to become Scrum Master and lead the scrumteam based in the Netherlands. In 2015 I moved to the Retail business unit and became the Scrum Master of the Binck360 team.

Binck360 is the web application developed at Binck, which serves customers who trade on a daily basis. These high frequency traders need specific tools that enable them to respond quickly to market events. Shortly after I joined the team, we made the decision to change the focus from creating everything inhouse to using readily available JavaScript frameworks to build our SPA.


Bart Dohmen

UX Designer at Luminis Arnhem

Bart is User Experience ontwerper en heeft een achtergrond in industrieel ontwerp. Bij Luminis past hij deze kennis toe in het softwaredomein. Van conceptontwikkeling tot pixelperfecte ontwerpen: met zijn creativiteit combineert hij in zijn werk het digitale en fysieke domein. Voor een grote groep klanten heeft hij zich gebogen over zeer diverse ontwerpvraagstukken. Bart is gefascineerd door wat mensen met techniek doen en andersom. Daarom zijn gebruiksvriendelijkheid en het menselijk maken van techniek ook zijn specialismen.


Alexander Broekhuis

Software Architect at Luminis Apeldoorn

Alexander Broekhuis is a software engineer with a clear focus on modular software. In the last years he has worked for embedded product companies on distributed middleware in which Java and C is used. Alexander is initiator and committer of the Apache Celix project, a platform for distributed systems in C, with a focus on interoperability with Java (OSGi).
During the last couple of years Alexander has been working on modular REST based backends in combination with JavaScript/Angular frontends for webbased as well as mobile solutions.


Angela Lengkeek

Software Engineer at Luminis Rotterdam

Angela started her professional Java software development activities in 2012 and continued her career with Luminis in 2016. During the past months she has been researching the HTTP/2 protocol and in particular the all new server push functionality. Beside new technologies, she is passionate about music, camping and do-it-yourself projects.


Arian Geertsema

Software Engineer at Luminis Apeldoorn

Arian is software engineer at Luminis Apeldoorn. Loves to make beautiful software solve real business problems. Specialized for the last 15 years in the Microsoft and web technology stack.


Sjoerd Hemminga

Software Engineer at ANWB

Sjoerd Hemminga is software engineer bij de ANWB, waar hij werkt aan het case management systeem voor de Alarmcentrale. Hij maakt graag complexe systemen van simpele componenten.
Sjoerd heeft geleerd hoe waardevol een hecht en goed team is om een passende en onderhoudbare oplossing te leveren.


Jeroen Reijn

Software Architect at Luminis Amsterdam

Jeroen is a software architect at Luminis and is very passionate about software engineering and engineering culture. He likes to share his broad knowledge and helps the organizations he works with to apply practices like Continuous Delivery to reach a new level of productivity.
He has a strong Java background and is committer and active community member on several open source projects at the Apache Software Foundation.


Nico Glas

Software Architect at de Belastingdienst

Software enthousiast, musical mishap, and allround geek. Nico werkt als software ontwikkelaar bij de Belastingdienst op het Toeslagen platform. Hiervoor heeft hij in de game technology sector gewerkt, heeft hij les gegeven in het hoger onderwijs en momenteel doet hij vrolijk mee aan diverse (.Net) open source projecten.


Rino van Wijngaarden

Rino is a Java/software engineer with 20+ years experience in technical & administrative software development & implementation on several platforms (*nix, Windows) and for a variety of clients (Defense, Transportation, Telecommunications, Government, Manufacturing).

He loves Java, Open source, IoT, Integration (Camel / JBoss Fuse) and brewing beer!


Walter Treur

Software Architect at Luminis Arnhem

Walter breaths scrum and spits code. He is a passionate software professional with a background in software engineering and extensive experience with agile and scrum. He loves to solve the real-world challenges of software development and has been doing that for almost a decade on numerous projects in various domains.


Sander Mak

Fellow at Luminis Apeldoorn

Sander crafts scalable software at Luminis Apeldoorn. With almost a decade of experience on the JVM platform, he specializes in modular Java and JavaScript development. Additionally, data analysis and machine learning are part of his ever growing list of interests. Sander Mak is a JavaOne RockStar speaker.


Alex van Beek

Software Architect at Luminis Arnhem

Alex van Beek is een software-architect bij Luminis Arnhem en is nu zo’n 10 jaar actief in de Microsoft community. Hij houdt zich graag bezig met de allernieuwste technologieën en vind het leuk om hierin zijn collega’s en concullega ’s, maar ook externe klanten te  begeleiden. Hij is dan ook een actief blogger en spreker op verschillende conferenties.