Mobile/Game Analytics

- 16:00
Cinema 5

With the mass adoption of mobile phones in late 2000s and especially after In-App Purchase (IAP) revolution in 2009, mobile gaming has become a thing in game markets. As of 2016 mobile games constitute 37% of 99.6 Billion dollar global games market. Unlike conventional games, most prominent mobile games rely on freemium monetization model with a much lower marginal price point and much higher player base. The most downloaded game to date in all game segments is estimated to be Subway Surfers, which is a mobile game with about 1.5 Billion installs and counting.There are two main monetization sources of mobile games: IAP and Ad revenue. Both depends on player behavior! Players must feel in the game to do IAPs. They should stay in the game as long as possible and incentivized to watch Ad videos. What Game Analytics brings on the table is the ability to measure all the critical key performance indicators (KPI) that is unique to each game (or mobile app for that matter) as well as the generic metrics that all games must champion to survive.

As an experienced Game Analyst, in this talk, I have four subject points to deliver:
• Discuss the necessity of analytics in mobile and give some practical cases
• Discuss what Game Analytics is and what it is not as a sub domain of mobile analytics
• Reveal a state of the art analytics stack (AWS + SQL + Tableau)
• Show some examples of analyses (descriptive, exploratory, and predictive)

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